Dry Begging: A Relationship No-No

Recently, I was asked what were some do’s and don’t when it comes to dating and specifically relationships.  I gave my list of things based on my past experience on the dating scene.

However, I seemingly left out one very important “don’t”...

Dry begging.

According to the Urban Dictionary, dry begging is “asking in an indirect and roundabout way. Dropping vague hints that are not clear or straightforward in making a request.”

Not only is this a pet peeve of mine in a relationship, but I find it annoying in any situation.  Seriously, if you desire something from me like an extra burger or any other assistance, just come out and say it.  My response will either be “yes” or “no”.

Not only communication is very important in a relationship, but direct communication will take you a long way.  Stop dropping hints and just say.  You may be surprised at the results.

Or maybe not.

Take care! 


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